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Tell me how you really want to feel!

One of the most empowering skills I’ve ever learned is the ability to choose the way I want to feel. For most of my life, I didn’t even know this was an option. I assumed that my emotions dictated my feelings and that I simply had no control over that.

I imagine myself being dragged around on a leash by my emotions, being pulled this way and that way, having no say in the direction I was going or what would come next. I remember putting so much stock in my emotions, believing them at every turn, and making some pretty big life decisions simply because I was feeling a certain way.

When you really think about it, our emotions are really all over the place. One moment we can feel one way and then with the blink of an eye, that emotion disappears and another one takes its place. A good deal of the time, we don’t even know why. Emotions are constantly coming and going, and if we follow them around blindly, eventually we may find ourselves standing in a place we...

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Get Angry Woman!

I don’t know about you, but I denied my anger for far too long. Always believing that being angry, showing anger, was a sign of my weakness. An emotional fault of my female body that I needed to get under control. Something that would cause others to take me less seriously or even ridicule me.

The few times I remember showing my anger, I was greeted with patronizing comments, told to relax, grow up, and reminded that I was overreacting. Quickly hiding my anger back where nobody could see it, translating the reactions around me to mean that there was something wrong with me. Something I needed to get under control.

And, so I did. I controlled my anger, buried it deep inside and told myself I was becoming an evolved version of myself. Becoming the “cool girl” that was palpable to those around me. Eating up comments about how chill or easy I was to be around and reveling in how liked I was.

Over and over, selling myself out to this BS belief that my anger was wrong,...

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Purpose in the Here and Now...

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately. Thinking about how so many of us struggle to find our purpose, know what our purpose is, and then to live into that purpose consistently. Struggle to know where to even begin.

When we aren’t connected to our purpose, we can feel lost, wandering without a destination. We can feel a sense of unease or even emptiness, unsure of what steps we are meant to be taking in our lives.

And of course, feeling this way can lead to feeling even more disconnected from ourselves and finding our way to that purpose.

As I’ve been thinking about purpose, I’ve been thinking about how massive a question it is. I mean, life purpose, think about that statement, it’s pretty huge. Why are we here? What are we meant to do? What is our very reason for even existing?

No wonder the quest for purpose can feel so overwhelming and so difficult in obtaining.

So, what if we were to see things from a different lens and consider a different...

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Podcast: Secondwind with Joyce

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Calling in a Love Partner after divorce.

  • On this episode we talked about:
  • How you can avoid closing your heart in the face of pain
  • The blocks to calling in and experiencing love
  • The importance of taking personal responsibility in your life
  • Being the creator of your own internal joy and love
  • The power of intention setting and visioning
  • What is truly possible for us all!



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5 Ways You Keep Yourself "Stuck!"

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020

 “You are the only problem you will ever have, and you are the solution.” Bob Proctor

This is probably one of the most powerful statements of freedom I’ve ever heard. Ever! Every problem has a solution, and you have the ability and the power to access that solution within you. You don’t have to look outside of yourself, you don’t have to wait for something to happen, and you don’t have to rely on other people. This my friends is freedom!

Feeling stuck is a common experience and it gets talked about a lot. It can feel very uncomfortable to say the least. Frustrating, scary, and exhausting as well. The longer you feel stuck, well the worse it gets. Kinda like that hamster wheel you can’t jump off of. And like Mr. Proctor said to all of us, “you are the only problem you will ever have.”

 5 ways you keep yourself “stuck:”

  1. You are waiting for time to do some sort of magic for you – I think far too often we...
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Your Courage will Set You Free!

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

There’ve been many times in my life when I’ve felt stuck. I wish I could say these times were short and sweet, but honestly, most of the times I felt stuck were pretty long and frustrating. They were days filled with doubt and struggle, nights consumed by worry and uncertainty. The short of it, it didn’t feel good.

And, the worse it felt, the more stuck I seemed to get, creating this endless loop I couldn’t seem to jump off of.

Throughout these times, I would do all the “right” things. I would read the books, have energy healings, go to therapy, meditate. I mean, I could keep going here, but I think you get the idea. No matter what I did, I couldn’t find my way out and well, I started to think maybe there was just something wrong with me. Like maybe, I was meant to feel that way my entire life.

Who’s feeling me at this point? Have you been there too?

You follow all the advice, read the books, invest in the healing, yet you spend your...

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Podcast: The Divorce Survival Guide with Kate Anthony

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2020

What we talked about:

  • Calling in "the One"

  • Connecting with others from a space of abundance, rather than a space of wounding.

  • What the Calling in "the One" process looks like and how to remove blocks getting in your way.

  • False narratives that show up and hold us back.

  • Learning to fall in love with the process of personal growth work.

  • The toxic ties and labels we give things that prevent us from creating a new future.

  • Learning to be vulnerable

  • Setting a bold intention for the future!


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I Double Dog Dare You to Fall in Love!

Are you deeply and profoundly in love with you?

When we think about falling in love, we usually think about falling in love with another person. That human being who is going to be our partner and touch us deeply at the core of our very being. And it truly is magical when you think about it. The flirting, the anticipation, the curiosity, and the discovery. It’s absolutely one of the most amazing human experiences I can think of.

And… so is the experience of falling in love with you. Now, I don’t just mean liking yourself or thinking you’re ok enough. I mean, loving yourself so much that your heart swells with gratitude and appreciation for everything you are and everything you will be. Loving yourself down to the core of who you are, all of you, through to the depths of your soul.

Does this sound silly? Impossible? Am I just an idealist or a romantic? The answer is no, but I understand that you might not want to just take my word for it.

So, I have a...

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The Power of Reflection

Do you ever take time to reflect on your life?

When I look back and reflect on mine, the word that comes to my mind is, FULL.

I’ve lived a life full of laughter, joy, sadness, heartbreaks, disappointments, really bad decisions, really good decisions, awful mistakes, and huge lessons. I’ve found my way through impossible situations and overcome things I thought would break me down. I’ve picked myself back up (a few times), learned some really tough, but cool shit, and grown a lot more than I ever thought was possible.

I’ve felt things deeply and profoundly, in the only way my sensitive soul knows how.

For a long time, reflecting on my life was a fancy title for beating myself up. I’d look back and obsess over all the things that I could’ve done differently. My endless thoughts of “what if,” “if only,” and “how could I” played on repeat in my head. It wasn’t that I necessarily had regrets, more that I...

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Confusion is Awesome!!

Confusion is defined by Dictionary.com as disorder; upheaval; tumult; chaos, lack of clearness or distinctness, perplexity, bewilderment. 

If you’re breathing, you’ve been confused at one point or another. Perhaps about a relationship, your career, or even your life purpose. I’m also going to guess that being confused felt pretty uncomfortable and frustrating. I mean, take a look at the definition of confusion, who the heck wants to experience that, right?

Having this mindset and belief system about confusion can give you the sensation of being stuck. Feelings like chaos, lack of clarity, and bewilderment can be exhausting and hold you back. Confusion can leave you running around that never ending hamster wheel, spinning and spinning yet getting nowhere. 

What if there was another way to look at confusion? What if you could flip your script and create an empowering belief about what it actually means to be confused?

What if you redefined what it means to...

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