Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler is a new expert on who is aimed to make the content on the site even more quality and authentic. The chance meeting with Oliver Lewis at the 7th Annual Relational Coaching Conference spiced up Jennifer’s professional life and enriched the Newbrides team with a new valuable expert. While having a successful career in the dating industry, she accepted Oliver’s offer since Jennifer Joy Butler has the urge to help people find their soulmates regardless of the countries they live in. 

Thanks to the unique approach to the dating industry, Jennifer infuses the content of the site with new, vibrant ideas by reviewing and polishing the articles. Her main goal is to make information about international dating more comprehensible for the average reader. Jennifer always operates by facts and genuine experience in her work, so you can rely on the content created by this expert if you seek an additional dose of dating advice.

I’ve been working in the field of dating and relationships for many years, and sorry for not being quite humble right now, I’ve helped hundreds of people work out their problems and find solutions that might have seemed impossible to exist. It happens that people tend to get chained by their thoughts and worries, and this is where I feel confident in helping them sort out everything in a proper manner.

If you feel that you need help with your relationship in terms of recovery or making it more stable, I’m here at your service. I know that some people might be skeptical about how someone like me can help them, but be sure that I’ll help you reveal the paths of your deeper personality to help you cope with problems. It’s about the change that can make you feel different.

Besides, I’m also enthusiastic when it comes to helping single men find their soulmates abroad. International dating sites have opened so many opportunities, but it can be challenging to make a decision. But this is where you’ll need my help and expertise in international dating and marriage. But before you rush to get my assistance, let me tell you more about myself.

My interests in helping others, writing, and psychology have always helped me surround myself with impressive people who inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Irene Stevens is one of such people because the way she told me about RomanceScout made me feel how passionate and interested she is in turning it into something bigger. During this conversation with her at the psychology conference, I offered to write an article for the site because I was willing to share my opinions and insights after researching a specific topic. She was up for it, so when I handed in the paper, she told me it looked like it belonged to the site.
After that, she asked me if I wanted to work with her and the team. I surely agreed because who would say “no” to joining a group of talented authors with fantastic experiences and portfolios? Definitely not me! That’s how I ended up in the community of inspiring content creators who seem to be generating their writing pieces around the clock. RomanceScout is a notable place for people interested in online dating that is replete with high-quality and research-based articles from a team of hand-picked authors.