Jennifer Joy Butler

Love & Empowerment Coach, Owner of

Empowered personal growth, relationship recovery, travel & dating service, intentional & conscious living for women.

Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler

Love & Empowerment Coach

Empowered personal growth, relationship recovery, intentional & conscious living for women.

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You have the power to create EPIC love in your life right now! These MUST have steps will show you how. Enter your info, and I’ll send you my RoadMap to Love Checklist

To the woman who says, "Heck yeah!" to


Let's be honest, feeling stuck sucks! Maybe you can’t move on from a past relationship, perhaps old patterns are holding you back, or maybe you are just feeling disconnected and not sure of who you are.


Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel good. I’ve been there, feeling confused, frustrated, and hopeless. Knowing that I’m somehow standing in my own way, but not sure how to get free.


This might sound crazy, but I’m excited for you! Yup.. that’s right. Because right now, feeling the way you do, is the greatest opportunity for you to finally live the EPIC life you deserve.  


At this point, you have two choices; allow the pain and discomfort to hold you back and make you smaller OR allow the pain and discomfort to crack you open and become the reason you live your best life.  


There's a way to navigate challenges in an empowered way. There's a way to come out the other side feeling proud and full of love. There's a way to go from broken down to bad ass!


You may be feeling like you’ve tried everything and be questioning if there’s something wrong with you. You may feel some doubt and wonder why it's taking so darn long to find your way. In my darkest moments, there was always a part of me urging me forward, reminding me of what was possible. I felt that deeper truth and I know you do too!


And that’s the part of you I’m speaking to. That part of you that knows your best life is yet to come. So, make sure she’s listening.

You're ready to be challenged and you're ready to move forward because you know your potential and you're ready to live it. 


YOU have the power to create the EPIC life you dream about and it’s my job to show you how!


If you're a woman feeling stuck or disempowered, I can help you!


Relationship recovery

Empowered personal growth

Intentional & Conscious living 




Love & Empowerment Coach, Owner of

Hi, I'm Jenn and more than anything, I want you to know that I fiercely believe in what's possible for you and in my ability to show you how to get there. No matter your past or your story, you have the power to create the miraculous life you know is possible. I'm on a mission to infuse love into the world and am dedicated to helping you consciously navigate your life in ways that empower you to expand with LOVE and FREEDOM, becoming the source of your own EPIC future. As a divorced solo mom, I can honestly say I've faced difficult challenges and I'm now happy and thriving in a way I never thought possible.

I hold a Masters In Clinical Social Work and combine a variety of powerful, intuitive, and holistic coaching techniques to help you radically transform your life in just a few short months. I believe in this work with all my heart and you know what?     

 I believe in you too! 


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S.T. - New York

Jenn is amazing and the Calling in “The One” method has been a life changing experience for me.

The work I did with Jenn has given me tools to support me in my daily life. I have gained so much insight into my own healing process and have been able to move past feeling “stuck.”

Anyone wanting to move forward and empower their own life will benefit from working with Jenn.

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D.S. - California

Jenn is a healer with heart. She is dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy balance and grow through their painful experiences.

She is genuine and speaks from her own life experience and uses that, along with her natural gifts and wisdom, to offer deep empathy and solid practical resources to help those she works with achieve true transformation.

I have been privileged to know her and see how she brings her servant heart to all that she believes in.

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L.M. - California

Jenn is truly an amazing human, Coach, and new friend. From the moment we first got on a call it was like finally talking to someone who actually gets me. She listens with zero judgement and total compassion while being a pragmatic sounding board for the things that are challenging me in my life.

I value her advice and opinions greatly. If you're looking for a coach who has an equal balance of nurturing and problem solving, I can't recommend Jenn enough. After the first call, I know you'll agree.

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C.M. - Pennsylvania 

I never thought I would find myself divorced. I was in one of the darkest places in my life when I ran across Jenn at JennJoyCoaching.

I was searching for answers to help me make sense of it all. I wasn’t sure about anything in my life but I knew I needed to make a change.

When the course first began, I couldn’t see how it would work. I didn’t think I could make that kind of change in 8 weeks, but each week began to build on the tools I needed. I was completely stuck in a victim loop and I had no idea how to get out.

Jenn's course gave me the tools I needed at exactly the right time.

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D.C. - California

After my recent breakup, I felt completely heartbroken and alone. I felt stuck and was filled with so much self-doubt and fear. I didn’t trust myself and many of the people that I had in my life.

Once I started speaking with Jenn about everything, I was able to understand what I had been allowing to happen in my life. Her guidance and knowledge helped me to push through all my stuff and quickly.

I have never felt more present, alive and ready to take on the world in my entire life!

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S.L. - California

Anytime I leave a conversation with Jenn, I feel empowered, grounded, and expanded. She is a powerful coach and speaks from a wealth of practical life experience.

If you desire to improve your life or need to find a way to move through the pain of a broken or lost relationship, let Jenn support you!  Jenn will lead you to find your life’s joy!

Thank you Jenn for the work you do and the gift that you are in the world!!

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K.S. - New York

Working with Jenn was the most beautiful gift that I gave to myself this year. Jenn and I connected serendipitously through Instagram and from our first 30 minute consultation I knew that I had to say YES to working with her. I could hear her wisdom through the phone.

We worked together for 9 sessions as I went through The Calling In “The One"™ book.

I consider myself to be self-aware but I had some serious blind spots when Jenn and I started that she helped me to see and heal. I am still on the journey of self-discovery, however, I feel so much more confident establishing boundaries that enable me to show up and love myself and the people in my life better that ever before.

I am so much more connected to who I am and what I want and have shed layers of fear that previously prevented me from taking action towards real change in my life. I ultimately feel so much more at peace and able to handle emotions as they come.

Jenn was a constant source of strength for me during this time. She helped me look at the blocks that came from my childhood, society, past trauma in a loving and persistent way that liberated me greatly.

If you feel stuck in a situation - whether it be a job, partnership, friendship - and want to be more empowered, with love for yourself as your anchor, I recommend investing in Jenn as your guide.

It's clear that she has done the work herself!

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T.H. - Indiana

When I came across Jenn's program, I was coming out of a 17 year marriage that had ended in divorce. Not only was I facing deep emotional pain resulting from the divorce, but my oldest child was a senior in high school and soon to graduate and go off to college. I had married and had my children at a young age, before I had the chance to even begin to know who I was, I was a wife and mother. It became my only identity.

Unsure where to turn, I confided in friends and family seeking some kind of advice. I read articles, self-help books, and anything I could get my hands on. That is when I stumbled onto Jennifer and her program.

I was targeting old beliefs and patterns that were keeping me stuck and my truth was beginning to emerge. I began practicing self-love by letting go of negative habits and thought patterns and embracing new positive ones.

My mindset has shifted and I can see opportunities and lessons in those challenges I face. Fear and anxiety no longer steer my life. I have learned how to feel and recognize my emotions and not allow them to consume me. I am learning to trust myself and not rely on others' opinions for validation.

I see myself now, the real me that has been smothered trying to prove to myself and others that I was good enough. And better than seeing and knowing myself, is that I actually like myself!!

I have gone from surviving to thriving! Thank you Jenn. I will forever be grateful to you.


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E.D. - Maine

I have been working with Jenn for about a year and I have undergone many profound transformations! I am still transforming every day.

The work IS hard and she challenges you to show up for yourself and face some things you have probably brushed under the rug for years, but after years of trying traditional routes, her course has really helped me find results.

After going through the initial CITO course I chose to continue on with our work in other areas of my life and found that you are able to fine tune so many aspects of your life with the same principals.

I have her to thank for helping me hold myself accountable and face the things that had been easier to avoid before.

I will say that past therapies I have tried focused more on me venting about other people and playing into the victim role and this whole experience has been something much more meaningful and worth while, focusing on myself and my journey in life.

I highly recommend the work and her services.

I'm ready for LOVE & FREEDOM!

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