Create Your Own Calm & Safety Mini-Course


Learn the most powerful tool for creating your own calm and safety when you are emotionally triggered and in your daily life!


In just 4 days, you'll have the ability to calm down and feel safe, no matter what challenge you are facing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to stop bleeding your power when you are triggered.
  • The key to responding instead of reacting.
  • How to make yourself feel safe and calm when you are overwhelmed by feelings.
  • How to create new patterns that allow you to be the master of your power.
  • How to create a beautiful and powerful partnership with yourself.

When you sign up, you’ll begin receiving emails for the next 5 days. Each email will contain a video, journal prompts, and an action step.

When you finish the mini course, you will be able to book a FREE Clarity Call with me ($200 value) so that we can deep dive into your experience and help you get the most out of what you learned.

Are You Ready???

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J.R. - Oregon

Highly recommend for everyone to take this free mini-course. It's short, sweet, & impactful. I know we're all busy, so she doesn't waste time or monologue ya to death or try to sell you anything. She provides very effective, immediate tools you can use to get in touch with what's really bugging you inside, address it, and rewrite your journey going forward. All these baby steps move us onward, out of darkness, into the light.
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