Your Courage will Set You Free!

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

There’ve been many times in my life when I’ve felt stuck. I wish I could say these times were short and sweet, but honestly, most of the times I felt stuck were pretty long and frustrating. They were days filled with doubt and struggle, nights consumed by worry and uncertainty. The short of it, it didn’t feel good.

And, the worse it felt, the more stuck I seemed to get, creating this endless loop I couldn’t seem to jump off of.

Throughout these times, I would do all the “right” things. I would read the books, have energy healings, go to therapy, meditate. I mean, I could keep going here, but I think you get the idea. No matter what I did, I couldn’t find my way out and well, I started to think maybe there was just something wrong with me. Like maybe, I was meant to feel that way my entire life.

Who’s feeling me at this point? Have you been there too?

You follow all the advice, read the books, invest in the healing, yet you spend your days knowing that where you are now doesn’t feel good and have no idea how to get to where you want to be. That tightness in your chest, heaviness weighing you down, blanket of dread covering your days. And if you’re anything like me, perhaps you are beating yourself up and getting to know your inner critic very well.

I know this isn’t fun and I can tell you, none of it is productive.

What I’ve come to learn from these periods of struggle is this, that feeling of being stuck is an indication of being out of alignment with your truth. Your body feels it, your soul knows it, and perhaps even your conscious mind is aware, but for some reason, you aren’t taking the actions necessary to move you forward.  

Go ahead, check in with yourself now. Is there a bit of a battle going on inside you? Do you feel exhausted and depleted, your joy sort of fizzled out of you? No clear path up ahead, so afraid to take a step in any direction? Believing you can’t take action until you get clear, until you feel better?

Here’s a little secret… that belief is what keeps you stuck. Your willingness to take courageous action within the uncertainty is what will actually make the path appear before you, tuning into your truth and slowly but surely, letting that part of you guide the way.

So, what if you created a new belief? Try this one on for size….

“I believe my ability to courageously act will set me free!!”

How does that feel to say? Write it down, repeat it every hour and do what it takes to shift that belief to support your truth and the joyful future you know you desire to create!

With love and joy,




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