You wanna be free?

I am the source of my reality.
I use my voice.
I take up space.
I make my presence known.

It took me a very long time to own this as my truth. To trust in myself enough to know that it is up to me and only me to create my own safety in the world. To understand that I do not ever have to give anyone or anything this sort of power in my life.

And the result… freaking FREEDOM!

I can’t even tell you how much energy I put into staying small and trying to be invisible, thinking that was the best way to keep myself safe. Biting back my opinions, speaking with a softer tone, making sure I didn’t stand out. Blending.

I would notice it in conversations when I would use as few words as possible, in social settings when I would feel myself contract inward and silently observe, when I would ask so many questions about others and divert the topic away from me as soon as possible.

And then I would wonder why I felt so unseen and undervalued. Why I didn’t get noticed or feel like others really got me. This hurt and at times made me angry. At them.

Except, it was not them…it was me.

I am the creator of my reality and the way I choose to show up will determine the way others respond to me and interact with me. If I desire to be seen and valued, well then, I first need to see and value myself so that I can put that out there into the world. If I want others to really know me, then it is up to me to make sure that who I truly am is actually shown.

It’s up to me…not them.

As I live my life through this perspective with intention and purpose, I empower myself to own the reality I am experiencing and creating. I empower myself to make changes when it doesn’t feel good. I empower myself to be in full responsibility of myself, my relationships, my experiences, and my world.

I empower myself to be free.

With love and joy,



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