How Freaking Exciting is This?!?!?

Are you afraid of change?

Would you rather be unhappy than have to face the unknown?

Making the choice to move into uncertainty can bring up a lot of thoughts and emotions. As you sit and consider the future, pictures swirl in your head of all the things that could go wrong and next thing you know, fears get triggered. So much so that you may even decide that changing things up really isn’t worth it. Maybe you can just make the best of what you’ve got.

You aren’t alone with this line of thinking. Most people would prefer to be unhappy in the comfort of their present circumstances, even if they aren’t fulfilled or happy. Safety and familiarity are very tempting and can lure you into a state of numbness. Stay here long enough and you may find it close to possible to move forward.

When you create a habit of facing the unknown with fear, you train yourself to equate change with anxiety and dread. You look for all the things that could go wrong and talk yourself out of everything that can go right. You allow yourself to tolerate a less than EPIC existence!

I spent years in a very toxic marriage, settling for what I had because I was terrified of all the things that could go wrong if I left. I talked myself out of my dreams and shrunk down as small as I could to somehow make it work. I tried to be ok with “good enough,” convincing myself that I was just being selfish and unrealistic.

Miserable and comfortable seemed a lot more appealing than possible happiness and the unknown!

It was around this time that I learned something profound that I want to share with you now.

Anxiety happens when you face the unknown with negative anticipation.

Excitement happens when you face the unknown with positive anticipation.

Pretty cool right??

Anxiety and excitement are actually the same things, only perceived differently. Like two different sides of the same coin. When you view the future with negative anticipation, you create anxiety. When you view the future with positive anticipation, you create excitement.

Excitement propels you forward, while fear holds you back. Talk about a powerful reframe!!

Play with it. Next time you feel that fear of the future creeping in, see what happens when you focus on the negative possibilities and then see what happens when you switch your focus to the positive.

With love and joy,


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