The Power of Reflection

Do you ever take time to reflect on your life?

When I look back and reflect on mine, the word that comes to my mind is, FULL.

I’ve lived a life full of laughter, joy, sadness, heartbreaks, disappointments, really bad decisions, really good decisions, awful mistakes, and huge lessons. I’ve found my way through impossible situations and overcome things I thought would break me down. I’ve picked myself back up (a few times), learned some really tough, but cool shit, and grown a lot more than I ever thought was possible.

I’ve felt things deeply and profoundly, in the only way my sensitive soul knows how.

For a long time, reflecting on my life was a fancy title for beating myself up. I’d look back and obsess over all the things that I could’ve done differently. My endless thoughts of “what if,” “if only,” and “how could I” played on repeat in my head. It wasn’t that I necessarily had regrets, more that I couldn’t give myself a break for the choices I’d made throughout my life.

As you can imagine, this didn’t feel good and didn’t get me anywhere other than feeling badly about myself.

So, I tried this new method of putting the past away and forging forward. I put my mind to work and got busy creating my future. No more looking back! Onward and upward was my motto.

Well, I probably don’t have to tell you that this didn’t work either. My attempt to avoid dealing with my past caught up to me and I began to understand that I couldn’t have the future I wanted unless I chose to learn from my past.

And so, I learned the skill of using reflection as a tool that empowered me, helped me grow, and propelled me toward my intended future.

If you’re fully living, and I really hope you are, then you’re making mistakes and screwing up along the way. It’s just part of the process. Poor decisions, wrong choices, and missed opportunities are all part of this beautiful human experience here on earth. Every single mistake, failure, and challenge is actually an opportunity to grow, filled with possibility for becoming more of who you’re created to be.

Having the courage to reflect on your life in a generative way allows you to discover what you need to learn and the skills you need to acquire so that you can create your desired future. Owning your past choices, decisions, and failures with kindness and grace will fuel and empower you to becoming the best of who you can be!

With love and joy,



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