Purpose in the Here and Now...

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately. Thinking about how so many of us struggle to find our purpose, know what our purpose is, and then to live into that purpose consistently. Struggle to know where to even begin.

When we aren’t connected to our purpose, we can feel lost, wandering without a destination. We can feel a sense of unease or even emptiness, unsure of what steps we are meant to be taking in our lives.

And of course, feeling this way can lead to feeling even more disconnected from ourselves and finding our way to that purpose.

As I’ve been thinking about purpose, I’ve been thinking about how massive a question it is. I mean, life purpose, think about that statement, it’s pretty huge. Why are we here? What are we meant to do? What is our very reason for even existing?

No wonder the quest for purpose can feel so overwhelming and so difficult in obtaining.

So, what if we were to see things from a different lens and consider a different perspective. What if we chose to focus on what our purpose is RIGHT NOW. In the here and now, this very moment and for the immediate future, what is the purpose we are living into. Knowing and understanding that over time, we will have many different versions of our purpose, and many opportunities to expand into whatever that purpose demands of us.

Sounds like a dose of freedom to me!!

I ask you, if you were to think about your purpose in the here and now and immediate future, what does that open up for you? Perhaps connecting to your purpose from this perspective will allow you the opening you need to declare your purpose to yourself and to set a course for living in alignment with that purpose every day. I mean, at what point did any of us agree to have only one purpose in our lives after all??

With love and joy,




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