Pssst... Did You Know It's Your Job to Create Patience?

We all experience dark days, I think the term “dark nights of the soul” describes it best. Those spaces in time filled with pain, challenge, heartbreak, grief, and fear. Periods in life when it feels almost impossible to find the light of possibility.

It’s during these days you may notice yourself constricting or closing off, your body and soul instinctively working to protect and conserve itself. These periods of time can be scary and overwhelming, even trick you into believing that you’re somehow failing and there’s something wrong with you. That you will never get to the other side.

The ability to be patient during dark nights of the soul is a vital component for growth and transformation. But, how do you have patience during a time when you want nothing more than time to move quickly?

The answer…Actively engage in the creation of patience.

Patience isn’t a passive activity, or something that just happens to you. Patience, like happiness, is an action that involves intention and choice. It is something that you must create while you live your dark night, knowing that expansion is up ahead. It’s active patience that allows the dark nights to be your greatest gift.


  • Faith– That connection to something bigger than you and in the deepest part of your being. Where do you go to fill this part of you and nurture your soul? Maybe you meditate, pray, sit among the trees, or go for a walk. The what doesn’t matter, the intention behind it does.
  • Community– The people who keep you grounded, reminding you of the deeper truths and focused on the light of possibility. Who are the people who help you rise above the dark night, even when it is at its worst? We all need to be surrounded by people who will help us see beyond the problem and support us through the journey.
  • Giving– Abundance and gratitude create an environment of peace and calm. Can you find it within you to give to others what you feel you most need through your struggles? The quickest way to create what you desire in your own life is by giving it away to others.

Active patience is a choice, a habit you create through repeated effort and intention.

It is an act of abundance and an empowered way to navigate through the discomfort of constriction. I encourage you, look within yourself and make the conscious choice to create patience when you encounter dark nights.

With love and joy,





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