Let Your Pain Empower You!

As I work with women transitioning out of difficult relationships, I hear so many women talk about the pain…the way it tears through you like it is going to rip you apart. I remember going through the end of relationships where it hurt so badly it was a struggle to breathe. You wonder, how you’ll get through it and doubt that you'll make it through. You tell yourself there’s no way anyone can survive this amount of heartbreak.

The longer you sit in pain, the more it builds up. Suddenly, in your mind you are rewriting history. Remembering things as better than they really were. Questioning yourself, your feelings, your choices. Terrified to move forward because you question this as well. Before long you are frozen and have no idea which way to turn. Pain very quickly turns into suffering.

There is a quote that I love that says “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” At some point, we all have to choose out of suffering, even if taking one step feels like climbing Mt. Everest.

We all must choose to find a way to use that pain as a source of fuel for growth and for stepping into the truth of who we are.

Pain can truly lead you to your SUPERPOWERS!

In every moment, you have the power to see things the way you choose to see them. This is your mindset, and your mindset will set the stage for everything that follows. The pain or discomfort you’re feeling now is an opportunity for you to deep dive into your personal story and journey of healing. To learn the lessons that you are intended to learn, find the space in your heart to forgive, embody gratitude for the entire experience, and learn to take courageous action in living out your purpose in your future. One of my absolute favorite quotes is “Tragedy doesn’t happen to us, it happens FOR us.”

Imagine what becomes possible when you learn to adopt this mindset and learn the tools to navigate challenges in ways that empower you???

With love and joy,



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