As If.....

Living “AS IF”….Showing up every single day in alignment with the having of all that you desire, your intention for the future fulfilled.

One of the most important steps in creating the future you desire is to intentionally show up in your everyday life as if the future is in the here and now. Getting so clear not only about what that future looks like, but about who you are being inside of that future.

How you would feel.
How you would think.
How you would interact with others.
How you would engage with life.

Getting crystal clear about all of this and then showing up that way now.

It’s from this place that you are living in abundance and relishing in the experience of the journey. It is from this place that you are able to expand with joy and fulfillment. It is from this place that you can settle into knowing and trust as your journey unfolds.

Like everything else, living “AS IF” is a choice and it requires you to have the courage to be vulnerable and trust in your desires for the future. It asks of you to let go of the how, releasing control of the details, and instead opening your heart to the unpredictability of life. It requires that even though you may be afraid, you consciously choose to live “AS IF” anyway.

You are the creator of your life… co-creating with the universe… each and every moment of your day. It is through your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions that your future is born.

So, look around and ask yourself, what future are you actively creating in your life?

Learning to live “AS IF” is a powerful skill you can learn and master. It will empower you to live a life of overwhelming joy, fulfillment, and expansion.

With love and joy,



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