4 Ways to Stop Being Perfect!


Why do you work so hard to hide your imperfections, even when it costs you so much?

I speak to so many women who feel like they have to constantly be on. They feel pressured to look as though they have it all together at all times. Not only does everything need to run smoothly, but they also feel they have to look and act a certain way in order to feel accepted and loved. Their time gets spent worrying about things that don’t truly matter to them, caught up in a way of living that they now can’t seem to break away from.

Can you relate? I know I sure as heck can!

I spent way too much time worrying about being perfect. Looking like I had it all together, had it all handled, and never made mistakes.

OMG I would want to crawl in a hole if anyone knew I made a mistake!

Somehow, I thought that all of this mattered and I wasted a lot of time being someone I am not. I disconnected from myself, pushed people away, and got really exhausted. And like anything else, eventually I got tired of my own BS and 

Then I had one of those "Holy Crap" moments and that was it. I dropped my facade and began the journey to discovering who I really am.

And guess... I AM DEFINITELY NOT PERFECT. I don't make my bed, I get lazy sometimes, learning anything tech is like walking through quicksand for me, I barely ever put on makeup, and I am the worst and being timely with birthday cards.

Yup.. all true and I love me for every single one of these things and more!

So, how do you go from hating your imperfections to loving them?

  • Get a sense of humor - About life, about yourself, and about others. It is time to stop taking life so seriously and start having some fun with it instead. When things go wrong, look up at the sky and laugh!
  • Stop the comparison game - Being perfect comes down to judgement about ourselves and others. Stop comparing and you have nothing to judge against. Get curious about your own life and you won't have time to compare yourself to others.
  • Heal your wounds - That drive to be perfect is really just a communication of some wounding that is being triggered. When you heal, you are able to let go and let yourself just be. You are centered in your truth, instead of some story that isn't serving you.
  • Give yourself some grace - At the end of the day, you really just need to give yourself a break. Some unconditional love and acceptance for the fact that you are human, which is simply imperfect.

So, what do you think?

Can you let go of that need to be perfect and set yourself free? 

From one recovering perfectionist to another... You got this! It's time to stop draining your own energy and give yourself the space to embrace all of who you are. This world needs that version of you.

With love and joy,


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